Because your business is your passion, your business is our passion. Our competitive pricing means more of your money goes into growing your business. Our loyalty programs, training, and tools help accelerate that growth. Our dream is to see your small business grow into a big company.

Equipment Options

The Redwoods Company carries the latest PCI compliant and EMV-capable terminals in the marketplace. We offer wireless, direct-pay, and stand-alone machines. In addition, we purchase hundreds of machines every year from one of the largest distributors of credit card terminals in the United States. Our bulk purchasing ensures you pay a competitive price for your equipment.

Internet Solutions

The Redwoods Company offers a PCI compliant Internet solution on the cutting edge of today's technology. It gives each of our merchants the ability to process transactions on the go, through their website, and also through their own personalized secure shopping cart.

POS Solutions

The Redwoods Company offers both a Retail and Restaurant POS solution. Both of these options feature an interactive touch screen menu, comprehensive training and free support, plus an extremely competitive price point.

Gift & Loyalty

The Redwoods Company offers a wide variety of gift and loyalty programs that are tailored to your business needs. From custom programs to our quick service product we provide you with everything you need to be able to sell your own branded program. We've recently added the Pirq program to our offerings; this digital loyalty program is unlike anything else in the marketplace.